Ever wondered how plants and vegetation grow in plains? I mean, think about it, no one goes out to the plains and decide to grow plants in the open spaces. Well, thank the largest animal on land, the elephant. Elephants are keystone species that help maintain the biodiversity in earth’s ecosystems. When these, at times gentle giants, eat, they leave gaps on the ground that allows new vegetation to grow. Furthermore, their trunks not only help them clear their way for their own sake, but…Continue Reading “In Case You Didn’t Know…”

Howdy folks! On this edition, we take you for an epic and wild ride in the city and I mean the wildlife kinda wild, but you get it, right? Let’s get right to it! First, our travel essentials. Check, check and Check! The Wheels You can literally see the excitement on our faces. Now show us some lions! (I can hear Katy Perry right now, Ro-o-o-o-ar) and she shall be called Wambui Now we’re talking. Some birds over here (The Ugandan Cranes to be specific)…Continue Reading “We Wild Like This”

The following take place between 2004-Present. Events occur in real time *The 24 Series Voice* Documenting the Story of Us Wanjay: We go waaayyy back. The End. I’m just messing with you. So, you probably think we are pretty close, right? Correct. 2016 is our 12th Friendversary. That’s 5 years of knowing each other and 7 years of being best friends, how, you ask? Well, let me explain #followmedownmemorylane, promise I won’t be corny :). The year is 2004, when I wrote letters with Wassalapangaz…Continue Reading “The Story of Us”

Being nominated for an award means that one’s efforts have been recognized by another – and just after our feature on Jumia Travel, we got nominated for the Liebster Award! Those who have blogged before or are currently doing so, well understand what is involved: Long nights writing articles and editing photos, sending emails that remain unreplied (if that’s a word), and gathering all your confidence to approach prospective clients. The question that comes to mind is “Why?” Well, for moments like these. Being nominated…Continue Reading “We Got Nominated!”

Denim is most probably one of the oldest fabrics in fashion. It has proven through the years that it is here to stay, a classic example of fashion repeating itself. I am an avid lover of denim. Who can blame me, growing up with three brothers (thank God), denim has always been a wardrobe staple. We find that having a pair of jeans at hand during our travels comes in handy (no pun intended). When you go camping, denim, When you go for a game…Continue Reading “The Denim Traveler”

Hello…it’s me…I was wondering if after all the blog posts you will read. Yes, I just jumped on Adele’s ‘Hello’ cover bandwagon. I should probably keep my day job a while longer. On this edition, we bring you our first post from the land of sun, sand, and sea, WATAMU, BABYY!!! The beautiful white, sandy, beaches were breathtaking and we encountered some of the most friendly and hospitable people we have ever met. Even this little, shy, fella We were honored to be offered two…Continue Reading “Life Is A Beach :)”

Our visit to Tin Roof Café was the delectable treat we had been planning with Josie for the longest time and it did not disappoint us. The entire experience can be described as a sensory attack that we were not ready for. Alighting from the dusty Karen bypass, we had no idea what awaited us, as the café came as a referral from a friend. Thank God for Google Maps. That was Josie’s idea, I, on the other hand, wanted to go the Kenyan way…Continue Reading “Scenes and Scents: Tin Roof Café”

Weather topics are often appreciated in two scenarios: The first, during awkward or drifting conversations, and secondly, during sports events. These two instances were revealed to us during our participation in the 7th Annual Watamu Triathlon Event held at Turtle Bay Beach Club. Lucky for us, being the expert balcony weather forecasters, the day promised to be kind. A Brief Overview of the Event What really drew us towards the event is that we were associated with another first, courtesy of Turtle Bay Beach Club….Continue Reading “Heart Of The Hustle”

The festive season is upon us once again, and you know what that means, right? Its the best time to meet with relatives and friends you haven’t had a chance to meet within the year and traveling is pretty much involved at this time. Whether you’re heading to the Coast for some sun or sand, or upcountry to meet up with your relatives and spend some quality family time, Jayraini has got your back with these travel tips. 1. Plan Well You know what they…Continue Reading “Jayraini Travel Tips”

cradle of hipototoland

First post, World!! wow…No pressure. I know our Facebook updates have been pretty cryptic, who puts camping and River Horses in one sentence and pink milk? That’s a thing? Judging from the title of this blog post, it has to do with hippos…or does it…O.k that was the last one, I promise 🙂 Picture this: Loud banter, the occasional bust of laughter, close friends, perfect weather, good music (Include Tiesto’s Red lights here) and a journey into the unknown. That just described the start of…Continue Reading “Cradle Of Hippopotakind”