5 Random Backpacker Personalities

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Backpacker hostels add to one’s travel experience. Apart from being cost-effective, these spaces are travel culture hubs, where one can meet and share experiences with other travelers from around the globe. Below is a compilation of a few archetypes you may find in a backpackers hostel.


The Free Spirit

If you always see this person in long, flowy organic t-shirts, a loose ponytail, and sometimes no shoes, you have a free spirit in your hands. They are often very open-minded and eager to share their encounters in the world where you’re likely to discover how experienced and culturally adept they are. They are also environmentally conscious and are always up for a discussion about energy and vibes. Namaste.

The Blogger

They are always on their phones or laptops updating something. They are often spotted in quiet corners of the room, writing something in their journals, and saying something about meeting deadlines.

The Girls and Guys Trip

This group comprises three or more friends who decide to explore the world together. They are quite noticeable, being loud and all, but to be fair, cool to hang. They are always looking to go on the next adventure and live a life they’ll remember.

The Party Animal

This person will get so wasted and return in ungodly hours, only to wake up and appear to not remember anything they said or did. You’ll probably not recognize them the following morning as they are super quiet and are trying to get some work done. Our advice, let them be.

The Volunteer

One minute, you’ll be chatting to this person and the next you’ll find them behind the counter or in the kitchen. They are often in it for the long-haul, opting for the work-for-stay experience. They are often savvy travelers and will give you the best recommendations on places to visit, best picks on the menu, the best views etc.

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We are curious to know, are you any of the above or do you know anyone who fits the list? Comment below 🙂

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