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Ever wondered how plants and vegetation grow in plains? I mean, think about it, no one goes out to the plains and decide to grow plants in the open spaces. Well, thank the largest animal on land, the elephant. Elephants are keystone species that help maintain the biodiversity in earth’s ecosystems. When these, at times gentle giants, eat, they leave gaps on the ground that allows new vegetation to grow. Furthermore, their trunks not only help them clear their way for their own sake, but of small animals too.
Elephant dung is filled with seeds which when deposited, allows them to grow into bushes, grasses, and trees. Some plants rely on elephants to disperse their seeds; I guess we can call it elephant dispersal. Elephants come to the rescue for small animals during times of drought, as they use their tusks to dig for water.
Unfortunately, widespread poaching in the past reduced the count of elephants in the country, hence threatening ecosystems. However, joint efforts between the government and other nongovernmental organizations have reduced such incidences. Some of these organizations include, but not limited to, David Sheldrick, World Wildlife Fund, and Save the Elephants. You can visit their websites on the links posted and get to know more about their work and how you can contribute to save this keystone species.

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