In order to maintain the motivation needed to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself, it is important to relate what you’re doing to the people doing whatever it is you want/are doing (that’s a lot of doing). This is what inspired us to write this piece in relation to: people, places, and self. PEOPLE Bonnita on Safari Bonnita on Safari is a female travel writer and photographer. Her website features travel reviews of interesting places such as lodges, backpackers, and hotels. She is…Continue Reading “Our current favorites”

We should start this post with a caveat (probably not the first thing you would like to see as the first sentence in a blog post). So, this feature is a relatively new thing for us as we have just started visiting new spaces in the hope of discovering awesome places that are generally outside the public’s radar. That said, you will probably read about a few places on the blog that are kind of a different experience for us? But with the hope you…Continue Reading “For the Round Pegs in Square Holes (Art Gallery Edition)”

Pretty sure that sounds like clickbait but it’s not, honest. Some of y’all might have noticed that we’ve been quiet for some time, and it wasn’t until recently that we met up to discuss where we were at with Jayraini.  After some soul-searching, it came down to one question: “Why do we travel?” So, here we go. To engage in authentic storytelling Our entire foundation of starting a travel blog is based on our need to tell Africa’s story, as cliche as that might sound….Continue Reading “Why We Took A Break”

Ever wondered how plants & vegetation grow in plains? I mean, think about it, no one goes out to the plains and decides to grow plants in the open spaces. Well, thank the largest animal on land, the elephant. Elephants are keystone species that help maintain the biodiversity of earth’s ecosystems. When these gentle giants eat, they leave gaps on the ground that allow new vegetation to grow. Their trunks not only help clear their way for their own sake, but for small animals as…Continue Reading “In Case You Didn’t Know…”

Kilifi is Kenya’s best kept secret. There, I said it. The tiny coastal town rarely comes across the minds of many people planning a trip down the Kenyan coast. Considered a pass-by town, great adventures and experiences await those who are not fooled by the small-time town vibe Kilifi lets on. Here’s why. Sea Point Beach The mostly secluded beach located at the Kilifi Creek is surrounded by hills that are compounds of towering mansions that overlook the calm Indian Ocean waters and which provide…Continue Reading “Sea Point Sunset”

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Our invitation to visit Distant Relatives Eco-lodge was one met with excitement and a bit of uncertainty. We had previously passed Kilifi en route Malindi and our first thought about the place was that it was a sleepy town with uninteresting places and features. Our arrival at Kilifi changed our previous perceptions and at that moment we knew we were up for a surprise. We boarded a Tuk-Tuk to the lodge, and its secluded location off the beaten and dusty path led us up and…Continue Reading “Mystical Kilifi”