In order to maintain the motivation needed to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself, it is important to relate what you’re doing to the people doing whatever it is you want/are doing (that’s a lot of doing). This is what inspired us to write this piece in relation to: people, places, and self. PEOPLE Bonnita on Safari Bonnita on Safari is a female travel writer and photographer. Her website features travel reviews of interesting places such as lodges, backpackers, and hotels. She is…Continue Reading “Our current favorites”

The following take place between 2004-Present. Events occur in real time *The 24 Series Voice* Documenting the Story of Us Wanjay: We go waaayyy back. The End. I’m just messing with you. So, you probably think we are pretty close, right? Correct. 2016 is our 12th Friendversary. That’s 5 years of knowing each other and 7 years of being best friends, how, you ask? Well, let me explain #followmedownmemorylane, promise I won’t be corny :). The year is 2004, when I wrote letters with Wassalapangaz…Continue Reading “The Story of Us”

Being nominated for an award means that one’s efforts have been recognized by another – and just after our feature on Jumia Travel, we got nominated for the Liebster Award! Those who have blogged before or are currently doing so, well understand what is involved: Long nights writing articles and editing photos, sending emails that remain unreplied (if that’s a word), and gathering all your confidence to approach prospective clients. The question that comes to mind is “Why?” Well, for moments like these. Being nominated…Continue Reading “We Got Nominated!”

Denim is most probably one of the oldest fabrics in fashion. It has proven through the years that it is here to stay, a classic example of fashion repeating itself. I am an avid lover of denim. Who can blame me, growing up with three brothers (thank God), denim has always been a wardrobe staple. We find that having a pair of jeans at hand during our travels comes in handy (no pun intended). When you go camping, denim, When you go for a game…Continue Reading “The Denim Traveler”