Down The Lunatic Express

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Howdy Good People! The time doth ripe for another time piece.Who knew I would use Shakespeare in life..Oh, and if you’re wondering what I meant above, well, that makes the two of us!

But, well. Let’s get to the Jayraini Travels! Our journey took us right at the heart of the City, The Nairobi Railways Museum. We had previously heard good things about the place and we set out to get the vintage experience.

Historical sites in kenya




I was tempted to pull a Titanic, too bad Jack wasn’t with me..The Pirates of the Caribbean could also apply, aaarrr!


So I took up the next best option, sit down and stare outside the window thinking about life.


The QWERTY keyboard went waaaaaaay back from the look of things.


The Railways Museum lives up to its vintage feel and collection


Something really interesting happened here..So a Briton heard about the tale of the Man eaters of Tsavo and set out to make a name of himself by killing them. He had it all planned out.He was to leave the door open so as to lure the lions in the cabin and shot them from a strategic position. Well, that happened in his mind ’cause the most awkward (and dangerous) thing happened.He fell asleep.The lions came in only to find their prey ready (or sleeping) in wait for them. They grabbed him by the neck and devoured him out in the woods.A truly, tragic story.


Notice the price tag…and the year…




First Class Treatment (something about me and windows)




One of my fave shots




Had a really difficult time finding and maintaining my balance


We ran in to this awesome artist, Sam Githinji at the Art Center, located in the same compound as the museum. He described himself as an expressionist artist and his pieces were pretty awesome.


Here is one of my favorite piece


The steam trains sure put on a show



‘Til next post, stay awesome ๐Ÿ™‚


19 thoughts on “Down The Lunatic Express

  1. Nice pictures indeed. Great collection in the museum. I love the advertisement about the two lions and it’s crazy to think that it goes back to more than hundred years!

    1. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the post – we’re having new developments with Kenya’s first Standard Gauge Railway. We can’t wait to train travel and blog about it, so keep it here (and subscribe to get it straight to your mail). Cheers!

  2. Theres something really serene about each of the photographs. It felt like taking a time out of 2017 and life as we know it. Proud to be African after seeing this post! Thank you! Yay Nairobi!

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