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In order to maintain the motivation needed to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself, it is important to relate what you’re doing to the people doing whatever it is you want/are doing (that’s a lot of doing). This is what inspired us to write this piece in relation to: people, places, and self.


Bonnita on Safari

Bonnita on Safari is a female travel writer and photographer. Her website features travel reviews of interesting places such as lodges, backpackers, and hotels. She is passionate about responsible tourism and you will find in some of her pieces, informative concepts on this topic. She also gives honest reviews, which go a long way to help one make travel plans accordingly.

Travel with Eliud

Travel with Eliud is a travel blogger who shares his travel experiences. His blog features very interesting and funny travel stories of where he’s been, and it’s definitely worth a read! The blog has a rich photo gallery that helps a great deal to relate his experiences. Travel with Eliud is a true adventurist, check out his website and you’ll see why.

Kenyan Camper

Kenyan Camper is a great travel writer, and don’t get me started on his photography skills (this guy has maad talent). He features interesting travel stories, and from his name, well, you probably guessed he’s into camping. Check out his website, you’ll be sure to learn of places you probably hadn’t heard of before (I know I have).

Twins That Travel

The website features two twins that travel (again, as you’d have guessed) Claire and Laura. The duo writes about their travel adventures in different places around the world. They provide hotel reviews and also important content related to travel. Their Instagram page is to die for! (Josie will probably say something about “aesthetic”).



Artcaffe – The Oval

Artcaffe is located at The Oval building in Westlands, opposite Nakumatt Ukay. This is our favorite place to hang out, and also where we have a majority of our meetings. The place has a vibe to it: The music is just right, mostly during the evenings, and the ambiance is very chill and relaxing. Their menu options are also delectable. Check out their website here.

Crave Kitchen

Crave Kitchen is a hidden gem located in Kikuyu town (approximately 40 minutes from the CBD). The café has adopted a rustic and artistic ambiance as characterized by the furniture, walls, and décor. Crave Kitchen offers a range of menu offerings that are very pocket-friendly.  From our experience, the meals were fresh and some are made at the customer’s request. The café comes highly recommended. You can drool over their meals on their Instagram page.

Spring Valley Oven

As you might have guessed it (you’ve probably made plently of guesses up to this point), the café is located in Spring Valley (next to Total Petrol Station), approximately 20 minutes from the CBD. This place is a treat to say the least (I just rhymed) and I must say, great value for your money. Here, you can order sizzling meals (literally speaking) that come in hot plates and great drinks. I recommend the blueberry smoothie – it’s divine. Check out their website here.



As per our previous post, we mentioned how we lost our way, not literally, but in terms of our why. We found our answer when we asked ourselves the reason why we travel. We discovered that we are on a mission to find our tribe. With this in mind, we are set on a path to discover Kenya’s best kept secrets and share these with you. We are keen on creating travel related content that will come in different forms, be on the lookout for this by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on our socials below.

Till next post Amigos, stay awesome.

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  1. What a refreshing post! So different than the typical travel guides I see. It’s great to see someone reminding themselves of their why and finding their love again. Thanks for reminding us all to look at the bright side of things and glass half full 🙂

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