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Howdy folks!

Visualization is a tool often employed in goal-setting. Although it may seem simple, the visual presentation of your goals can serve as important inspiration hence facilitating their achievement. In this week’s post, travel with us as we share dreamy places to hopefully visit someday soon.


Climb Mount Kenya

Although we have never participated in mountain climbing (yet), we believe this would be an epic experience. The climb to the top takes a few days and we would have to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally. From the sunrise/sunset photos we have seen, the trip would be absolutely worth it (don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to climb 5,199 meters to take photos… or do we?)

Road trip to Turkana

Josie and I have this place on our mood boards as we feel that Turkana is Kenya’s best kept secret. Nestled in the North Eastern part of Kenya, Turkana is believed to be the Cradle of Mankind. Fossil evidence has shown that our ancestors may have originated from this unique region. One notable discovery is the Turkana Boy dated 1.6 million years, the most complete human fossil in the world.  We would also have the pleasure of visiting the largest desert lake in the world. The journey would probably take 2 or 3 days travelling by road, and the reason for choosing this means of travel is so that we can have the full experience of this part of our country.

Skydive in Diani

We are thrill-seekers. We believe limits exist only in our minds and for this reason, we tend to be a bit impulsive when engaging in somewhat risky activities without first considering the associated risks. That said, skydiving would be EPIC and more so to do it in Diani, where we would get a bird eye view of Kenya’s beautiful coastline.

Glamping in Laikipia

Glamping is a new camping trend that includes amenities that are usually not part of ‘old school’ camping, such as décor. We can safely say it’s fancy camping. Why Laikipia, you ask? Imagine waking up to an expansive view of the wild, chase the sun while it rises, or simply enjoy the fresh air that is characteristic of Laikipia. Now, let’s enjoy fresh fruit and coffee for breakfast, some game meat for lunch (if you’re into it), an afternoon game drive, and let’s have great conversations over a great bottle of wine after dinner under the stars. We hope you can now see why 🙂


You probably guessed this was coming, right? Lamu is a cultural wonderland and it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rightfully so. The town draws you in with its cobbled alleys, Swahili architecture, the sights and smells, and last but not least, the warmth of the people. Lamu Cultural Week is a crowd-puller event hosted every year by the Mombasa County Government. During this time, one has the opportunity to have a great cultural experience, enjoy awesome festivities, and even participate in the popular donkey race.



This Caribbean island is located in South America, neighboring Mexico on the East and Haiti on the West. Its interesting architecture and breathtaking sugar-white beaches adds to its mystique beauty. The island is also popularly known for its 1950s cars that roam freely in the streets and would easily make one feel like he/she is trapped in a time lapse. The capital Havana (oh na na, we had to :)) is known for its nightlife, and although we are not nightlife kinda people, we would love to take in the sights from a classic convertible.

Cape Town

Cape Town is high on our travel bucket list for two main reasons. Firstly, it is home to the iconic Table Mountain, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. We would probably take the cableway on the way up and catch those beautiful and immersive sights of the entire city and hike on the way down. Secondly, we would be able to engage in shark cage diving. Yup, you read right, SHARK CAGE DIVING. So, we would be put in a cage armed with all diving equipment and lowered down in the ocean where sharks can butt the cage and we would be able to have an up close encounter with these magnificent creatures. Why does it not sound like a good idea after writing it down?

Camping at Magoroto Forest, Tanga

If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place makes the perfect weekend plan for a getaway with friends. The lush surroundings, awesome hiking trails, and what’s best known for the place, the hidden lake in the forest, makes up the perfect environment for being one with nature.

Republic of Maldives

Maldives is the perfect holiday destination for various reasons. Firstly, the stunning white beaches, tropical climate, and turquoise waters makes it an awesome place to unwind and relax. Secondly,  Maldives is one of the few places on earth where one can have an epic experience of diving with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea. Lastly, a stroll around the capital Male will allow one to take in incredible sights such as the Old Friday Mosque.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the most popular one of the many Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. The beautiful white-washed houses that overlook the sea are a sight to behold. Santorini is a common feature in many people’s bucket lists, and with good reason. The panoramic views and romantic sunsets make it a great romantic getaway. The charming backstreets will have you walking for hours in admiration of the town and its environs, and the thriving food scene will leave you spoilt for choice.


Bali, also known as the Land of the Gods, is an island located in Indonesia. Bali is known for its white beaches, iconic temples, and its yoga and meditation retreats. The beautiful rice fields are a common feature on the island and a nature photographer’s dream.

We hope you enjoyed this post and inspired you to create your own travel mood board. We would love to know about the places that feature in your mood boards in the comment section below!


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  1. I am Greek so I can guarantee that Santorini is a gorgeous island however there are many underrated (or completely unknown! ) islands that are equally gorgeous – if not more! Thanks for sharing the rest of the places!

    1. Thanks Valentini! We only know of Santorini from the internet and we would love to know underrated places. Any recommendations?

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