The festive season is upon us once again, and you know what that means, right? Its the best time to meet with relatives and friends you haven’t had a chance to meet within the year and traveling is pretty much involved at this time. Whether you’re heading to the Coast for some sun or sand, or upcountry to meet up with your relatives and spend some quality family time, Jayraini has got your back with these travel tips. 1. Plan Well You know what they…Continue Reading “Jayraini Travel Tips”

cradle of hipototoland

First post, World!! wow…No pressure. I know our Facebook updates have been pretty cryptic, who puts camping and River Horses in one sentence and pink milk? That’s a thing? Judging from the title of this blog post, it has to do with hippos…or does it…O.k that was the last one, I promise 🙂 Picture this: Loud banter, the occasional bust of laughter, close friends, perfect weather, good music (Include Tiesto’s Red lights here) and a journey into the unknown. That just described the start of…Continue Reading “Cradle Of Hippopotakind”