Sea Point Sunset

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Kilifi is Kenya’s best kept secret. There, I said it. The tiny coastal town rarely comes across the minds of many people planning a trip down the Kenyan coast. Considered a pass-by town, great adventures and experiences await those who are not fooled by the small-time town vibe Kilifi lets on. Here’s why.

Sea Point Beach

The mostly secluded beach located at the Kilifi Creek is surrounded by hills that are compounds of towering mansions that overlook the calm Indian Ocean waters and which provide the perfect sun-downer setting. Although the beach strip is relatively short compared to other places, relaxing by the quiet and warm waters is the perfect plan to cool off a particularly hot day out in the sun.

Friendly People (and dogs)

In general, people at the Coast are very friendly and ready to help. Our new-found friend, Moses, Β was willing to keep us company during our time in Kilifi and showed us the hidden gems that are yet to be discovered by many. Also, we made friends with a dog, Poppy, at the beach. The small stature Rottweiler was crazy, full of life and personality, and was willing to swim for unprecedented long periods of time in an attempt to please his human. Too bad he made off before we got a shot of him.

Beautiful Sunrises/Sunsets

You can enjoy a morning yoga session by the beach and be one with nature or with your favorite drink in hand, secure a spot on the cliffs that surround the Sea Point beach and witness the dramatic (but quick) sunset as the sun dips behind the vast ocean.

However, we are pretty sure there are other awesome places in the world that could easily make it in the category of “Best Kept Secrets.” We’d love to know places you’ve been to in the comment section below.

Till next post, stay awesome!

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16 thoughts on “Sea Point Sunset

  1. Oh wow!! This looks amazng. I love finding hidden treasures that no one knows about. I really hate crowds. This part of Kenya looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Kelly! We couldn’t agree more! The Kenyan coast is breathtaking; the people, the weather, the beaches, and hidden gems such as these πŸ™‚

    1. We share the same sentiments Trippin’ Turpins! It’s always calm and serene enjoying places such as Sea Point Kilifi without fighting for space with others πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Angelique! Yes, the good thing about the weather along the Kenyan coast is that it is relatively stable. However, the summer months are from December to March with temperatures ranging from 30-32 degrees, but it’s also the peak season, so a lot of tourists are expected at this time of the year. Another great time is July-September, the winter months (temps averaging at 27 degrees) but its relatively cooler and less humid than the summer, plus it’s not as crowded as during the summer. Hope this helps!

    1. We had also not heard about the place Chiara, we were pretty surprised ourselves :). It’s always awesome discovering hidden treasures while travelling, don’t you agree?

  2. This place looks stunning! I often find that the lesser known, more off-the-beat locations end up giving you the most.
    The best “Best Kept Secret” I found was some random little fishing village in Sri Lanka. To this day I don’t know what it was called or where exactly it’s located, but I got on the wrong bus one day and not wanting to end up on the wrong side of the country I got off after about an hour’s drive. There were pristine white beaches, crystal blue sea and not a single other tourist in sight! Absolute bliss.

    1. Wow, Rhiannon!Too bad you don’t remember the name or location, but it sounds like a movie script! We’re pretty sure you had an enjoyable time πŸ™‚

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