A Thai Affair: Dusit D2 Nairobi

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I first heard about dusit D2 from Josie who had always raved about the hotel’s elegance and artistic focus. She had expressed a desire to visit, a few too many times and a personal invitation for lunch from Charles, was all it took to finally get us visit the place that had come highly recommended. Charles is a sales executive at dusit D2 we met at a business event we attended a while back. His calm and interactive persona and his impeccable interpersonal skills reeled us in to discover one of the hidden gems that lay in wait.



Dusit D2 is located in the leafy suburb of Riverside Drive and is only a few minutes from the Central Business District. Located amidst other office buildings, the hotel has a commanding precense courtesy of its impeccable décor, starting with its wooden doors. Three things are obvious when one first visits the hotel; Excellent customer service, detailed and impressive interior décor, and warm lighting. The hotel has an exquisite dining area that extends outside to a tented deck, in case one would like to enjoy a cool breeze that is characteristic of the area.




Everything in the Soi hotel adopts a Thai theme, from the décor to the utensils. Charles gave us personalized service from the get-go, providing great company as we enjoyed a Thai delicacy that comprised of Thai rice and Spicy Basil Chicken.






The hotel also boasts of a red-tiled pool at the Rouge Deck providing a great reflection of the water that is balanced out by the white décor and a splash of green from its surroundings.




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26 thoughts on “A Thai Affair: Dusit D2 Nairobi

  1. Great service 5 star. A true testimony about the hotel services and more so the personalized reception by Charles Matu Muriuki. He’s a trailblazer in his customer care

  2. Such a lovely contemporary and chic property. Looks like it is quite tranquil and good for either relaxing or getting some work accomplished in a quiet environment. I clicked through to the hotel site to check it out. Enjoyed hearing about this place.

    1. Your words have captured the setting of the place. A lot of work can be finished in this serene environment and the coffee is amazing. You should stop by sometime 🙂

    1. Thanks Lena! We couldn’t agree more, Thai food is awesome, something about it makes it familiar and consistent regardless of where you are.

  3. Never been to Nairobi, but if I could stay, eat, and play here I would definitely come more than once. Your photographs were stunning. Those sunken in water fall lounges look breathtaking. Thanks for the read.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mike! We highly recommend the place, it comes wiith great food, friendly customer service and attentive to detail, and a relaxing ambience 🙂

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