The Story of Us

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The following take place between 2004-Present. Events occur in real time *The 24 Series Voice*

Documenting the Story of Us



We go waaayyy back. The End.

I’m just messing with you. So, you probably think we are pretty close, right? Correct. 2016 is our 12th Friendversary. That’s 5 years of knowing each other and 7 years of being best friends, how, you ask? Well, let me explain #followmedownmemorylane, promise I won’t be corny :).

The year is 2004, when I wrote letters with Wassalapangaz as a salutation, anything longer than that was really cool and encouraged. I still don’t know what that means. But anyway, the first time I remember meeting Josie was in a Form 1 Talent show. She was part of a dancing crew and she had a black beanie hat that later became her trademark. I honestly thought she was THEE coolest person I knew. We didn’t talk much, even though I sat behind her in class. Weird thing was, she was the last person I said goodbye to after clearing high school.


The year is now 2009, I have just reported for my first day at the university. Guess who I see. Yes, Josie. Only this time, her black beanie hat was gone, and uhm, she was carrying a yellow bucket. Random, I know. I was a bit confused but super excited I had at least met someone I know. I was in the company of my brother and his friend, and after our scream-at-each-other-from-excitement moment, I casually asked her which room she was staying at. She had no idea what she got herself into. The next morning, around 8.30 a.m, we go knocking; my brother, his friend, and I. Somebody was just about to go to the bathroom, and yes, it was a bit awkward as you can imagine, surprising someone who’s about to go shower with a bunch of guys she didn’t know. Other than that, I think it went pretty well, considering I’ve been knocking at her door since then (but without my brother and the guy, coz that would be weird).

Our weird dancing styles (I mean mine, she was in a dancing crew for crying out loud), our ‘Girls night out’ only they have guy friends involved, and we spend them indoors, so, yeah.. there’s that, and being the luckiest person to do what they love with who they love. Now, The End, Fin, Finito.


Josie’s Narration:

Wassapalangashizzoh! I just had to 🙂

Thank God it’s 2016, right? And yeah, neither do I know what that awkward greeting meant, yet I was a loyal user and re-inventor, always tweaking it to sound more ‘cooler’.

SO! How I met Winnie Wanjay.


Winnie was that smart, geeky, focused (and believe me when I said FOCUSED) girl in your class who just stubbornly stays in first position every single damn term! Funny enough, before that (Primary School), the best student all through the 8 years was called Winnie Wanjira. What are the odds? And yes, I just admitted to not always being the best in my class. But hey, I like to think of myself as that girl who’s always been a creative mind. Coughs. Plus, I did pretty well in school, just not at position 1. Why? ‘The Winnie Effect’.

Then, the CRAZIEST thing happened. The same geeky, book-worm, always- at-number-one-Winnie took the same stage on our high school talent show. I remember how quiet the whole hall went when they saw this reserved girl walking up the stage. I thought…THIS is interesting. Next thing we knew Eminem rap lyrics were being spit on that stage like she was the lead cast in the 8 Miles movie. The hall went crazy, and since that day, we named her Winnie Karis guessed right, EMINEM. Then of course she went back to being Winnie-the-book-worm for the rest of high school, occasionally bringing the ‘Eminem’ side, and funny enough, seating right behind me in class for the final year.

High school year ended 2007; on the last day, I’m busy trying to extend some morning sleep just before I pack up to leave school, FINALLY! And at 6AM, who’s in my cubical? Yup. She was in a long, blue, fairy-tale kind of nightdress, which was weird. Even stranger, she had dozens of candy – specifically Éclair sweets. Hashtag #StrangerThings. She could have been a Brand Ambassador at that time, no lie. I helped wrap up the candy and create souvenir ‘thank you’ cards (meant for friends she was leaving behind) because – creative mind? 🙂 She was the last person I connected with before leaving school.

Fast-forward to 2009. You’ve already been told about my yellow bucket so let me not embarrass myself further. Also let’s skip the ‘gate-crashing’ with a bunch of guys and the half-naked situation in my hostel at 8am. Okay they were only two – of which one of them was her brother, BUT STILL! There was another knock on my hostel door the next day, and the day after, eventually she was a roommate by extension.


We’ve been best of friends since then, the ‘indoors, watch movies and talk about our bright future’ kind of campus girls. What we didn’t know was the surprise life had in store for us because our lives’ script didn’t go exactly as we had planned. The ‘9-to-5’ job we always imagined was very short-lived. Little did we know what our shared interests and love for travel would create. Never did we think – JAYRAINI. Story for another day. Maybe a Part 2? 🙂

P.S. I’m seriously thinking about going back to my beanie days!

19 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. You 2 are too cute! I loved reading about your story, and loved that you shared both sides of how you met. To lifelong friendships!

  2. It’s amazing to see a true friendship! Cherish it as they are a rare thing these days 🙂 better to have a few very close friends than hundreds of acquaintances if you ask me!!

  3. What a cute way to present your friendship story! You two are lucky to have each other as such great friends and support! Good luck in your traveling and making more memories together!

  4. What a sweet story of friendship! You never know who you meet that will pass through your life and who will stay and become a good friend. Cherish those that choose to stay.

  5. Aww this story warmed my heart and made me miss my best friend a whole lot. haha Gotta love and cherish these wonderful relationships and hold on to them because they are so rare. You guys look very happy and love the smiles!

  6. This is so cute and lovely. Reminds me of my bestie and our story. Not similar but it made me nostalgic alright. Cheers to your friendship

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