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Being nominated for an award means that one’s efforts have been recognized by another – and just after our feature on Jumia Travel, we got nominated for the Liebster Award! Those who have blogged before or are currently doing so, well understand what is involved: Long nights writing articles and editing photos, sending emails that remain unreplied (if that’s a word), and gathering all your confidence to approach prospective clients. The question that comes to mind is “Why?” Well, for moments like these. Being nominated means that someone took notice of your work and recognizes your efforts. Thank you for the love and nomination Hot Foot Rini!

To fill you in on what this awesome award is about, here are a few facts about the Liebster Award:
– Liebster is a German term meaning kindness, compassion, pleasant, lovely, dearest, sweetest.
– Basically all feel-good qualities 🙂
– It is awarded by bloggers to other bloggers
– Purposed to provide exposure to bloggers; really comes in handy in the course of our work
As a requirement, we are supposed to answer 11 questions posed by the nominator (blogger).

Here we go!

What was your longest travel?
Our visit to Watamu, a lovely town located in South Coast, Malindi, Kenya. The journey took approximately 10 hours as we travelled by bus.

What was your shortest travel?
Our visit to Nairobi National Park in Lang’ata, Nairobi’ approximately 30 minutes from the CBD.

Describe your worst travel?
We are fortunate that places we have visited have turned out to be awesome. Our wish to the universe: We would like to stretch this string of luck a bit longer, please!

Describe your best visit?
Wanjay: Nairobi National Park does it for me. I loved every moment of it, the early morning ride in the park and a dramatic experience as we watched 8 lions strategize their morning hunt.
Josie: First visit to Watamu, it came at a time I needed a breather from the fast-paced Nairobi life, and I have a thing for the ocean so it came as a plus!

Who is your best travel companion?
Wanjay: That’s an easy one, Josie, of course 🙂
Josie: Ofcourse – my bestfrann, my bestie!! the_1jay

Three places (out of Kenya) you would love to visit?
Wanjay: my top three are Nyiragongo Crater in Congo, the largest permanent lava lake in the world, a spectacular sight I should add, Cape town, because of shark diving, and the Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbambwe, the largest waterfall in Africa, (I guess you can tell I am an adventurous soul)
Josie: FIRST – Maldives (again, my fixation on the ocean?), I’ve always wanted a roadtrip through Malawi as I feel it’d have great local stories, plus you have options to visit its rich tourism attractions. Lastly, Cape Point, South Africa – it’d be really cool to set foot on the most South Western corner of Africa

Why did you start the blog?
We LOVE traveling and we wanted to change the prevailing notion that one is required to have a lot of money to do so. We want to tell stories of the locals we meet, the cool places to visit on a budget and most importantly, make an impact to our communities via responsible tourism. We’re lucky enough to have partnered with visit.org as its Kenyan Ambassadors. Through our travels, 100% tourist revenue is invested back to communities all over the world.

How would you define a perfect vacation?
Wanjay: Early morning safari rides, snorkeling, (I’m yet to do this, but seems pretty awesome in my mind) great breakfast (plently of waffles and croissants, I am a carbs-junkie), exploring the outdoors in the afternoon, and evening chill-out in a communal setting.
Josie: Since it’s a ‘perfect vacation’ I’m going to go all out here 🙂 So, an early morning swim or snorkel in the ocean, nice looong shower to freshen up (an outdoor shower would be GREAT for a camping-kind of trip)..then being the breakfast-lover that I am, head over to a scrumptious breakfast buffet..then back to the pool (I know! I love me a good swim), great lunch..an afternoon exploring the nearest town, its people and cool things to do, sun-downer dhow cruises and a hearty dinner to top it all. Later that night, a turn-up!! (If Wanjay won’t get sleepy in the first 45mins of just getting there.. #burn)

What/who inspired you to travel?
Wanjay: That’s a toughie.. I guess my name (a ‘what’s in a name’ kind of thing). My middle name is Wanjira, which either means someone born on the road or belongs to the road. I choose to stick with the latter, it makes a good storyline 🙂
Josie: A month before we started our blog, I vowed to deliberately live a life of meaning and purpose – to engage more in work that I love, work that is valuable and of impact to others, and use my God-given talent to CREATE. I love Travel and Photography; combining these and Wanjay’s exquisite writing forte, Jayraini came to be.

What is your favorite travel essential?
Wanjay: My earphones
Josie: Easy – my camera

What is your least favorite thing about traveling?
Wanjay: Umm….nothing comes to mind
Josie: Once it’s all over and you head home nostalgic

P.S. More about us here


Now we pass it over with 11 questions to fellow bloggers who are doing some pretty awesome work. …and the nominees are *dramatic drum-roll* Walk with Lea, Njoo Nami, Travel with Eliud, By Lenana, My Global Attitude and placeOK. Read more about the Liebster Award and 2017 guidelines here.

1. How would you describe the persona of your blog?
2. Most fulfilling experience you’ve had as a blogger?
3. And the most frustrating?
4. THREE top travel essentials?
5. Best dish you’ve had during your travels?
6. Any embarrassing moments you’ve had while traveling?
7. Solo-travel Vs Traveling with company?
8. Top 3 destinations you CAN’T WAIT to visit next
9. Blogging has quickly become ‘a thing’. How do you stand out from the crowd?
10. Biggest misconception that people have about Bloggers?
11. Finally, what inspires you to keep creating content for your audience?

Can’t wait to come check your answers!

22 thoughts on “We Got Nominated!

    1. Thank you very much Carolina. We loved your blog and you deserve the nomination :)You’re right, we do have an awesome time together. Maybe you can join us on our next adventure?

    1. You’re very welcome Nicky & Lou! We had an awesome time reading your blog, and you guys deserve the nomination 🙂 We’ll definitely say hi when we visit Peru!

    1. From the pictures we see, the Nyiragongo Crater is breathtaking! We can’t wait to visit the place soon and we’ll be sure to document our experience. You can subscribe to our blog to be among the first to read about it 🙂

    1. We couldn’t agree more Pascal! Chemistry is important especially for travelers who find themselves in the other part of the world we are headed towards. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

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