Why We Took A Break

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Pretty sure that sounds like clickbait but it’s not, honest. Some of y’all might have noticed that we’ve been quiet for some time, and it wasn’t until recently that we met up to discuss where we were at with Jayraini.  After some soul-searching, it came down to one question: “Why do we travel?”

So, here we go.

To engage in authentic storytelling

Our entire foundation of starting a travel blog is based on our need to tell Africa’s story, as cliche as that might sound. However, we believe the African narrative is too generalized and has failed to capture the true spirit of the people and their culture. We believe every person we meet and every place we travel to has their/its own story.

Unfortunately, we lost touch with this mission. How do you remain authentic in a heavily curated space? We eventually hit a creative block and found it challenging to connect our content with our mission. Going back to basics has reignited our vigor and has reconnected us to our purpose, our Why.

To find our tribe

As you probably imagine, we are quite, uhm, different? We believe that there are people out there in the world who are like us, who get our mission as Jayraini, and who want to be connected. We found inspiration for this concept from Seth Godin’s TED talk “The Tribes we Lead”. He theorizes that people want to connect on a deeper level, and tribes do this with people and ideas.

We are aware that our purpose might not resonate with everyone, and we are really o.k with this. What we want is to connect with people who are passionate about their African culture, and about local travel stories.

Summing this up in a few words, we travel to find our tribe and keep it through authentic storytelling. In doing so, we hope to break the misconception that travel is ‘expensive’ – to inspire our tribe to also travel to places, be changed by ordinary people’s stories and empower thy self.

If you are out there, and you get what we are doing, we are looking for you! Subscribe to our newsletter & get weekly posts straight to your inbox. SO excited to be back 🙂

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